The you-know-what-Tower


is today's guest

 as large bold statement on a large wall

on everything...
be careful,  no airport-souvenir-shops at home  

yes, fun, yes, subtle, but just one is enough 

in a black-and-white-everything space!  such a striking modern look

a hint of Art deco + a tad of black in a creamy space = a lot of understated sophistication

made of a trillion matchsticks
found in a thrift shop in Montreal
 ostrich eggs, a Roman head and an academic architectural drawing
pure balance

made in South Africa of recycled metal cans
 so whimsical on an elegant black bureau in London

Will it never end, this iconic monument as inspiration?
ahhhhh.. Monsieur Eiffel, you delight me always!

au revoir.

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  1. Oh wow! So pretty. I love La Tour and have to try hard not to write about it too much! Thanks for the alert. Stan