wood has been used in houses almost for ever
because of its amazing insulating qualities,
its abundance, its ease of use and versatility.
however, wood has now become a luxury material
and as such, it is treated with great respect
 the best artisans cut, shape, bend and sculpt it
they hoist large beams of it to hold up roofs
they chisel enormous planks of it into floors
they saw, plane, sand and join it to build cabinets and built-ins
they recycle it for tables and chairs
and, yes, they even imitate it to paper walls

wood walls

extraordinary filigree that boggles the mind

the precision of a job well done

rough and unfinished like a Kenian lodge (in Alaska!)

faux wood almost indistinguishable from the real stuff

painted wood a naive charming attic dormer
wood ceilings

wood sculptures


driftwood and the modern treatment of a 100% recycled material

let's close with  a little fun

REALLY real wood...REALLY fake pencils
images Elle Decor, Elle deco Italia, Jeffrey Bilhuber, flickr

au revoir.


  1. I am an Australian Interior Designer and have been looking everywhere for a driftwood pendant light could you please tell me where you found this one

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