we sit at them hours at a time or just to scribble down a note
whatever the desk, wherever the desk
tiny, in a corner somewhere
imposing, in an intimidating panelled room
efficient, on a high floor of a NYC building
dainty, in a froufrou bedroom
our desk is usually more than just a desk
it is a hint at our needs, our personalities, and our success

a geometric 1940's parchment desk by Samuel Marx with color coordinated accessories
a tranquil place to write a note
JADHny image erica lennard

bare bones, stark contrast

 1940's desk chrome and tiger wood 
the 1950's danish chairs' curvy lines
soften all the angular lines 

"Louis Chichi" modernised by a simple coat of paint

 Park Avenue grandeur; fantastic chair, extraordinary 40's desk
miles of softly printed voile and that whimsical african mask
JADHny image erica lennard

Black and white 100% efficient 200% NYC
apartment therapy

no nonsense, fun, but missing the tropics
apartement therapy

Global Oriental Colonial
Burnham design

industrial neutral, moody masculin

ying yang, feminine masculine, warm cool, traditional modern
Angela Free

tight spot, perfect fit,  minimal yet sufficient
Craig Spencer

chic 60's retro "bobo"
Sergio Recabarren

girlie froufrou bedroom desk
Phoebe Howard

au revoir.


  1. Anonymous19/10/09

    J'adore! What a beautiful collection of images ... I've added you to my own blogroll (www.wideawakethoughts.wordpress.com) and I promise to pay you another visit soon x

  2. Thanks nice to know someone downunder visits..